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The nervous system needs relaxation
For the nervous system relaxation is important because it is then that the body’s recovery functions can be activated. If we never get a recovery, the body ends in a constant state of activity that can lead to stress, fatigue, headache, mood swings and stomach problems.
Make relaxation a part of your everyday life
Give yourself a wonderful time after your yoga class, workout or an intensive day at work. It does not take long and you will soon notice positive effects on your health. In addition, research shows that people who regularly experience deep physical and mental relaxation can have a longer and happier life.
Benefits of relaxation
It’s easier to find in your breath
Contributes to better concentration and focus
Gives more energy and makes you feel calmer and happier
Reduces worry and negative thoughts
Strengthens the immune system
The effect of other training can be deepened and becomes more permanent

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